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  • October, 2008

Archive for October, 2008

  • Bosa, Alghero

    29th October, 2008

    Posted in Sardinia andCulture

    The most scenic route to Bosa, on the north-west coast of Sardinia, Italy, is the 25-mile coastal road that runs from Alghero, hugging the mountains to one side, on the other offering superb views of the often rocky shore hundreds of feet below and o...

  • Perugia’s Eurochocolate fair is sweet success

    25th October, 2008

    Posted in Umbria,News from Italy andCulture

    Rome and Turin are the more famous tourist hotspots, but their chocolate fairs in February and March next year have a tough ‒ if sweet – act to follow. Perugia’s Eurochocolate 2008, which ends on October 26, has shown why it is arguably the continen...

  • Liguria Property: Lavagna

    22nd October, 2008

    Posted in Culture andLiguria

    The town of Lavagna on Italy’s Riviera sits on the left of the Entella River, forming a single conurbation with Chiavari on the opposite bank. From Roman times to the present, Lavagna has been noted for the traditional craft of slate-working. But in...

  • Liguria Property: Ventimiglia

    19th October, 2008

    Posted in Liguria

    Italy’s Liguria coast has fewer more spectacularly festive sights than Ventimiglia’s La Battaglia dei Fiori (the Battle of the Flowers). Film legend Cary Grant is said to have called it “the greatest show in the world” when he saw it in the mid-50...

  • Gladiator hero's tomb found in Rome

    18th October, 2008

    Posted in Movie Stars,News from Italy,Lazio andCulture

    His story won Oscars when it was brought to life by Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius in the Hollywood movie Gladiator. Now Marcus Nonius Macrinus, who inspired the 2000 epic, is winning plaudits all over again, with the discovery of his tom...

  • Property Puglia

    14th October, 2008

    Posted in Property andPuglia

    For investors looking to buy property Puglia offers a wealth of opportunities. Most buyers tend to be drawn to Ostuni, the region’s famous white city that sits, like a whitewashed citadel, astride three hills. A two-bedroom restored villa a couple of...

  • The sanctuary of Our Lady of Montallegro

    12th October, 2008

    Posted in Culture andLiguria

    One of the most characteristic churches on Italy’s Liguria coast is the sanctuary of Our Lady of Montallegro, nestled in woods in the hills overlooking Rapallo. It sits on a ridge some 612m above sea level, one side offering a stunning view across t...

  • Italian property: Experts remain confident

    10th October, 2008

    Posted in Property andNews from Italy

    Technorati Tags: real estate,homes,homes for sale,property in italy,homes for sale in italy,property for sale in italy Italian property experts have voiced confidence that the sector will weather the worldwide financial storm. As banks collapse and ...

  • Property in Campania

    8th October, 2008

    Posted in Campania andProperty

    A year ago at a Barcelona real estate seminar, a colleague tipped the Cilento coast as the ideal place to buy property in Campania at a fraction of the cost on the nearby Amalfi coast. Many who took her advice have seen the value of their investment...

  • Italy's art treasures

    6th October, 2008

    Posted in News from Italy,Lazio andCulture

    From the Pantheon in Rome to the ruins of Pompeii, no country has striven more than Italy to diligently preserve its centuries of art and tradition. Now another of those ancient monuments, the Colosseum in Rome, is staging an exhibition showcasing ...